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Stainless Steel Medical Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Medical Equipment

Stainless Steel Medical Equipment

Zhuhai chuntian Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technologies such as laser tube cutting, precision bending, TIG welding, brushing and polishing, etc.


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  • Zhuhai chuntian Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in stainless steel medical equipment metal parts sheet metal processing, using a series of precision sheet metal processing process, so that the product's superior quality and performance.

    Zhuhai chuntian Field uses laser tube cutting technology, high-precision stainless steel tubing cut off to ensure a smooth cut and precise size, and on the basis of the design requirements, after a professional bender for accurate bending of tubing, in accordance with the desired shape and angle, the use of high-quality welding technology, such as TIG (tungsten inert gas tungsten arc welding), to firmly connect the different components together, in order to improve the appearance of the sheet metal processing of the production components texture and corrosion resistance, Zhuhai chuntian Filling brushes and polishes the tubes to create a fine surface texture and at the same time improves the wear resistance of the material. Meanwhile, during the precise assembly process, Zhuhai chuntian Filling strictly controls every metal part sheet metal processing link, and finally creates medical devices with stable structure and reliable performance.

    These processes of Zhuhai chuntian Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. not only reflect the deep understanding of medical device manufacturing, but also show our company's unremitting pursuit of high quality and technological innovation. Through these exquisite sheet metal processing techniques, Zhuhai chuntian provides high standard accessories for metal parts in the medical equipment industry.

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